Adam Chyb

(AKA. Dome)

Madam, I'm Adam. I'm a computer science graduate from UNSW with an interest in using computers for making things and breaking things.

I spent 5 years working at Google, 4 of which working as an SRE on Google Cloud Storage before becoming a software engineer working on Fuchsia OS. I'm currently a senior software engineer at Anduril, working on autonomous defense systems.

I'm most experienced and interested in software development work focused on backend, OS/embedded or security. That said, I love learning and am always excited to try something new. Lately I've been learning native Android app development with Compose and frontend/full-stack development with Astro and Next.js. I've participated in the Ludum Dare game jam several times with Godot as my engine of choice. Check out my projects page to see more info on everything I've built.

When I'm not in front of my computer I like playing indoor volleyball, singing, playing my ukulele, cosplay and gaming (OK, that last one is still in front of a computer).

My favourite Pokemon is Cyndaquil 🔥.


  • Backend Development
  • Operating Systems
  • Android Development
  • Linux
  • Google Cloud
  • Presentations
  • SRE On-call


  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Rust
  • Kotlin